Today we wrote a blog

Hello and welcome to our blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for ages. I feel like I always get asked about the choices I make and the places I go to and eat in London and how I manage to ‘survive’ as a vegan. So I thought I would start a blog and fill it with all the things I’ve discovered and what works for me. Of course all of our bodies will work in different ways so you’ll need to experiment with yourselves and find what works for you. Listen to your body, it knows better than anyone else!

So I guess I better start with a bit of background about us. We are a young vegan couple who live and work in London. We went vegan in March 2013. Veganism wasn’t big at the time and if you went to a restaurant to eat, people would be confused by the word ‘vegan’… it was not an easy time to be vegan! However, over the years veganism has spread, it has become trendy and I can now grab a quick sandwich in places like Pret. But anyway, I diverge… let’s go back to my life before I turned vegan!

My diet was the same as any young vegetarian student; I lived on cheese and ice cream and microwaveable foods, as that was the easiest thing to do when studying and commuting to London. My only blessing was that I lived at home with an amazing mother who made sure I had one decent meal in me everyday. I used to hate the idea of cooking food and would be reluctant to learn as I had no interest in it and thought everything tasted the same. Then along came my (now) husband, he loved cooking, had a great pallette and sense of what we should and shouldn’t be eating! He introduced me to so many things that I can’t imagine living without now… things like avocado and olives. After a while his brother spoke to us about veganism and the benefits of it. At first I didn’t believe it… it would mean giving up pizza and ice cream!!! No way!! It would mean no more desserts and no more cake? How would I survive?

His brother caught my attention though and I was intrigued to find out more. We did our own research and watched some movies, I felt like I would try it out… I mean what’s the harm? I learnt that I could help the planet by changing what I ate. I felt obligated to do something about it! So we decided to be vegan every other day and veggie on the weekend (so that I can still  binge on pizza!) Surely that sounds like the best way to get into it, right? So I started off Monday was fine, I managed the whole day but then realised I would be going out on Wednesday so I changed my dates and had a vegan day on Tuesday instead. This all seemed to be going ok so far. Finally Wednesday came and I rushed down for breakfast, I had yoghurt in the fridge and dove straight in. A few hours later I felt my stomach was unsettled and in pain. The penny finally dropped!! All those years I had a stomachache and felt lethargic it must have been due to the dairy I was eating, I must have been slightly intolerant all these years and ignored it, accepting it as a ‘normal’ feeling. From then on Wednesday was a vegan day too, along with Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! In that moment I became a vegan and I was determined to feel better and have more energy.


Now we go ahead 3 years to current day in 2016. I now love the challenge of cooking something wholesome, healthy and filling for us. I love experimenting with desserts and creating ‘healthy’ treats for us. I’ve changed the way we eat and live our lives and I feel so much better for it! It’s turned my world upside down. However, it wasn’t an easy journey getting here and I completely understand why people say they could never be vegan and how hard it is to give up cheese! Trust me I’ve been there… I know! But the only thing I can do is encourage you and tell you to listen to what you’re body needs (it may not work the same as mine).


This blog will be a series of things we do or try out and how it works for us. I would love to hear from you too so get in touch with me if you want me to share some recipes or ask around (there’s now a few of us vegan’s in our family and every single one of them has got amazing vegan recipes that I will try to get and share with all of you).

So here we are, I’m writing a blog after such a long time and I was inspired to take this jump after attending the Goodroots festival in London over the weekend. It was held at MC motors (a stunning venue!) and was filled with so much vegan food and tasters! I may have eaten my weight in tasters and treats (but that’s a side point). We attended loads of talks (this was partly because I was too full to eat anything else but also as the rain really came down!) The talks were so inspiring and they really encouraged me to get out there and share my experience with others and that’s what I’m doing. If you are like me; wanting to learn more about healthy living and being vegan in London then I recommend you getting down to these festivals! This is the second one I’ve been to (first one was Fare Healthy at Borough Market- again stunning and iconic location!) and they’ve both helped me expand my knowledge as well as meet new people and be introduced to new brands.

That’s it for now. Looking forward to our journey ahead and check back again tomorrow for more of this.


Thanks for reading!

Love A x

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