Today we are happy

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday but I feel like it fits in great with what I wanted to talk about today. Today my focus is taking time out to do things that make you happy. So what is happiness? Well I’m sure there are a 101 definitions on the Internet about this but simply, I think it’s things that make us smile.

We all live a busy life and we spend most of our time making others happy…through our work (unless you’re lucky like me and you love your work too) or with friends and family. Now I’m not saying this is wrong! These things make me happy too but how often do you take time to do something for yourself? I rarely used to, I used to think it was really selfish and that I didn’t have time for that. However, making yourself happy can be as quick as reading a book for 30minutes during your lunch break or colouring in (release the inner child) or having a little dance whilst listening to your favourite track whilst making dinner!

Being able to do something for yourself is great as it gives you a boost of happy hormones and fuels you for the rest of your day. Last night was a great day as we went to a live concert. Live music is fantastic and gives me a chance to just be myself… Dance and sing like no one is watching (because everyone is too busy watching the band on stage). Sometimes doing something for yourself doesn’t need to be a night out or cost loads of money but do make sure you schedule in some time for your own happiness.

Oh also, I grabbed a Pret a Manger sandwich on the way to the gig. All vegans out there must try out the super greens and red sandwich, it’s amazing! Also there’s a new soho veggie Pret which I need to go try out soon and will write a blog about it when I get there.

Pret sandwich on the go!

That’s it from me and enjoy your happy week! Smile beautiful people 🙂


A x

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