Today we went to the Farmers’ Market

Happy Father’s Day! Hope you all had a beautiful day in the sunshine!

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went down to the farmers’ market in Marylebone, this is something we haven’t done in a really long time due to the cold spring and winter we’ve had but we finally got ourselves into action and headed into town. This market happens every Sunday in a small car park with some fantastic local stalls. So here’s the big question… why go to the farmers’ market? On a day like today when the sun is shining, it’s a great opportunity to be outside and get some fresh air. However what about when it’s raining? (like it normally is in the UK!) Well I would still encourage people to go to the farmers’ market (I know it’s hard trust me we skipped loads of Sunday’s because of the rain!) It’s a great opportunity to meet and talk to farmers’ but also get locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables, they taste incredible (I only got into Kale after buying some from the Farmers’ market!)

These colours are so beautiful

We live in a country where we are fortunate enough to get whatever we want no matter what season we might be in. That’s great because that means can have strawberry’s all year round right? Well yes we can, but just think for a minute about the air miles that have gone into the food you’re buying. The food we buy in the supermarket may have been picked ages ago and then transported half way across the world before it gets to us. Not only does this mean that the fruit and veg is no longer fresh but it also contributes to your carbon footprint. If you’re not sure about your carbon footprint then think about how much transport and energy goes into your everyday life (I’m sure there are fancy websites to work this out- I’ll update this if I find any).

Now I’m not saying that it’s possible to go to the farmers’ market every week and that you shouldn’t buy broccoli from the supermarket (because we all need these last minute things!). But I’m encouraging everyone to check out their local farmers’ market … purely just out of interest and for fun! There’s usually some freshly made food that you can eat right away too PLUS it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends.

Plus you can have amazing vegan blueberry and oat muffins

Marylebone were also having their summer fair today and I was surprised at how many vegan friendly stalls I saw too! Definitely worth getting out there and seeing just how easy it is to be a vegan.

Yes please!

That’s it from me. I hope to have a great week in the kitchen with all of these veggies so keep your eyes peeled for more recipes.

Love A x

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