Today we do yoga

Yesterday was international yoga day! A great day to celebrate this amazing practice.

Now I know many people think of yoga as moving into these cool poses and becoming more flexible (which is true!) but it’s also about noticing your breath and slowing down a little.

I started yoga because I had recently injured my ankle (simply by walking!) and was unable to do other forms of cardio but I was desperate to do some sort of exercise. I started off by going to classes my school friend taught, I was nervous it would be too intense and I wouldn’t be able to keep up but was amazed at how well the class was tailored to suit everyone’s ability. After a while I fell in love with it… it helped me get a proper core work-out whilst making sure I wasn’t doing anything too intense on my ankle. We were always told to listen to our bodies and only go as far as we could. I noticed some strength start to come back to my ankle through the balance exercises and was so pleased at the progress I made.

Having felt so much better, I decided to get back into a full cardio work out but then injured my ankle again! So now I’m back to building up strength in my ankle again through this amazing practice. PLUS now that it’s summer you can do yoga outside (!) which is great as it really allows you to connect with nature and get a breath of fresh air midway through your day.

Now I could continue to list the benefits of yoga but I feel there are plenty of websites that must describe it much better than I could but I will encourage everyone to give it a go! Including men (!) Yoga isn’t just for girls. But if you do try it out make sure you listen to your body and just enjoy the experience of being in the moment and breathing deeply.

Love A x

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