Today we were shocked!

So today many of us woke up to see the shocking news that we had voted ourselves out of the EU. Now this came as a genuine shock for me as everyone I ever spoke to was voting to remain! I know we all have our own views and that’s the great thing about being human and having the freedom of speech but it scared me how many people abused this and used a lot of scare tactics and false facts (both sides). I dream of a day when we get the facts as they are, without being fudged to suit alternative methods and people can be free to make up their minds by themselves. 
I’m someone that worries about absolutely everything (even what eat, what jumper to wear and which route to take home… Luckily I have a husband that deals with these constant questions!). So the thought of leaving the EU worried me mainly because I have no idea what is going to happen! None of us do because we’ve all grown up as EU citizens and are used to this lifestyle. We can’t predict the future but throughout the day I realised that I am stressing myself out over something I don’t know about! I’m not well studying in economics or European politics. All I can do is hope for the best in the future… I can just hope that we grow up in a place where we can all live happily.

To help myself calm down I tried various things… Meditation, gym-ing, cooking etc. In the end the one thing that worked for me was taking a moment to reflect on three things I’m grateful for. This was a practise I saw at the goodroots festival and it really stuck with me!

It’s so simple to do… Close your eyes and think about 3 things that you are grateful for right now in this exact moment (not yesterday or this morning), right now! Then take a few deep breaths… And relax! I’m sure you were able to think of 3 things we can be grateful for and truly appreciate. We all need to learn to be in the moment and appreciate the fact that despite the negative vibes today, the sun was shining in full force and it was such a stunning day (after yesterday’s downpour!)

So what do I leave you with… I don’t really know how to end this post! It’s been such a rollercoaster day but I can hope and dream of a great future for all and just enjoy my days and be thankful for where I am and the amazing people around me!

Love A x

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