Today we quit sugar

Monday… the start of a new week and usually the day everyone dreads! However, Monday is the start to a new week and a new adventure!



So now onto the title of this post… sounds a little extreme but I assure you it’s not. So if you’ve been following my blogs then you’ll remember I a girl that mainly ate desserts and actually counted that as a meal. I adored cake and craved ice cream! Some would say I was a sugar addict! Even after going vegan I generally felt better but always craved the sugar hit and would get energy slumps in the afternoon, moments when I felt so weak that I thought sugar would be the only thing to bring me back.

I decided to give up Sugar after listening to Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar talk at the Goodroots festival. So much of what she said made so much sense to me. I decided to try it out and have been doing it the past 2 weeks. So this doesn’t mean I have given up everything! I decided to give up anything with refined sugar in it (so still having natural sugars like fruit and dates). For the first few days I still got major sugar cravings and saw cake everywhere I looked (being vegan helped at this point as it meant I couldn’t eat half of the cakes anyway)!

But here’s 5 things you can try if you’re looking at giving up your sugar addiction to:

  1. Try replace refined sugar with agave syrup (can be found in supermarkets)
  2. Use dates instead when you’re making desserts
  3. Add fruit or banana’s to your cakes
  4. Make your own sweet treats and keep them on your desk at work (will stop you from reaching for sweets)
  5. Find someone that is willing to give up sugar with you (company makes it so much easier)
cookie monster
Yes you can!

Also don’t forget to check the ingredients on everything you eat. You’ll be surprised how sugar sneaks into some of the things you love the most (even yoghurt!). Best of luck and let’s keep supporting each other.

Love A x

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