Today we are positive

Hi everyone

It’s Wednesday and we are now officially half way through the week. However I know many of us have been feeling a lot of negative vibes the past week or two. Social media is full of things which make me re-think my outlook on life and actually make me feel really sad every morning. I no longer laugh or enjoy checking Instagram or other forms of media, HOWEVER I am determined to change this! I thought I would dedicate my blog today to 10 reasons we can smile and feel positive. I hope to leave you smiling by the end of this.


Reason 1) Dogs exist!

Ok, so I know not all of us are dog people. Some of us may like cats but I love dogs… I purposely walk through the park just so I can see dogs on my way to work. I love the look on their face and how excited they are to their owners or even anyone who might play with them! What’s not love about this:



Reason 2) It’s July on Friday

That might scare many people as the year is going so quickly but there are so many reasons for why we should be happy it’s nearly July!

  • Warmer days (hopefully)
  • Closer to your summer holiday! Even if you’re not going away then closer to the August bank holiday! wooo


  • School holidays are drawing closer. That may mean you have a holiday too (if you work with children) or you’re one of the many that will benefit from less traffic on the roads in the morning so you can snooze for a bit longer.


Reason 3) Fresh local produce

Great weather means that we can finally get some fresh fruit and veg that is grown here in the UK and tastes so amazing! (Don’t forget the strawberries)



Reason 4) Wimbledon and the F1

Two fantastic sporting events that are held in the UK. There is so much history to Wimbledon and if you’re lucky enough you may get to experience it all live.



Reason 5) Outdoor events

Many of us spend most of our time indoors in  London! Mainly because the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities BUT finally we can fill our social calendar with fresh air… here are a few to look out for:

Somerset house open air cinema


Reason 6) Friends

Friends are the family you can choose!

You’re all fortunate enough to be surrounded by some fantastic people. These are amazing people you get on with and have supported you through thick and thin and don’t forget how lucky you are to have that!



Reason 7) We are surrounded by Mother Nature which amazes us

I’m amazed at how much I learn about animals everyday! The planet we live on is incredible and new animals are being discovered every year. PLUS how amazing does it feel to look out into a jungle or over the beautiful blue sea!

Elephants in Serengeti National Park


Ok so now we’re going to get a bit more spiritual!

Reason 8) Be the change you wish to see in the world

You have the power to change anything you don’t like in your life. If you’re not able to change it then it’s not something you need to worry about. With all of this negativity in the world we need to be the positivity we want to see in the world around us- smile at people, make tea or coffee for you colleagues… there’s so many small things we can do to change the world around us.



Reason 9) You have the freedom of speech

The past week, many of us may not have enjoyed this fact after reading a lot of unpleasant things on social media but remember it’s a right we have. We all have the right to vote too and that’s something that people worked hard to get – so yes get involved and care about politics but don’t be upset if everyone’s views don’t match your own. Agree to Disagree and always think the best will come to those who believe it will.


Reason 10) You’re alive

Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Go do something that only you can do and live your life to the fullest! Appreciate every day you have


So those are my 10 reasons, feel free to make your own list and share it with me or your friends.

Love A x


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