Today we had Afternoon Tea



Last weekend I planned a day of surprises for my husbands birthday. Most of the day was based around incredible vegan food! Now I know I said I quit sugar but Saturday was a bit of a cheat day for me. I believe that you can’t stop yourself from eating something if you really want to, because if you do there’s a higher chance you’ll binge on sweet things when you next get the chance. Saturday was all about trying new places, enjoying new food and not thinking too much about it. I will say though, after having sugar on Saturday I had a massive low on Sunday (!) I really don’t miss those lows and I’m glad they’ve stopped now that I rarely eat sugar.

Ok so back to the title of this blog… We started our day with Afternoon Tea at La Suite West. This is the first place that serves a fully vegan afternoon tea with non-alcoholic fizz. When I read about this place I just had to try it out! I have always loved the idea of afternoon tea (being someone that used to love cake and all things sweet!). On entry they gave both of us a glass of non-alcoholic fizz and a menu for the different types of tea. I went for the classic peppermint tea and my husband went for an English breakfast, these were presented in beautiful glass teapot.

Tea and fizz

Once we had settled in and were well watered we were bought the most amazing finger sandwiches, each one was different but my favourite was roasted tomatoes with basil and pesto.

Finger sandwiches

Cucumber with Lemon & Thyme Tahini

Roast tomato and sunflower seed pesto

Avocado chilli mousse

Cucumber mayo

Roasted aubergine

These were fantastic and really filling. It was so great to try so many different flavours and I’m definitely going to start putting basil in my sandwiches from now. Next up… Scones with fresh strawberries and coconut cream. I think this was my favourite part of the meal as the scones were warm and so tasty. I’ve never thought about substituting cream with coconut cream (obvious substitution I know but it was a new one for me and one of the many reasons I love trying new places and speaking to other vegans).


Ok I’m not going to lie, I was super full by this point so was struggling to finish all the scones but the people at the restaurant were really nice and offered to pack it away for us (in non-plastic container). Now the finally course was cake! We had lemon drizzle, carrot cake and chocolate truffle (my favourite being the chocolate but I do always pick the chocolate!)

Dessert time

Again, we couldn’t finish all of this so they packed it up for us to take back home (I hate wasting food).

The rest of the day was amazing and the weather was really great too. We walked past the Veggie Pret in soho and had to go inside and check it out (even though we had eaten so much already!) It was so great to see Pret creating a store dedicated to veggies and vegans- there was so much choice in there… sandwiches, wraps, sushi, soup and salads. We got the green smoothie filled with cucumber, spinach, ginger and lime (blended right in front of you).

Veggie Pret (Soho)

My favourite thing about this Veggie Pret is their transparency. They get their customers to review each item on their shelf and put their reviews up on the board. Pret said they want to hear what everyone has to say about their dishes and enjoy the challenge it presents to them. I also heard rumor that Pret may think about turning 1 in 4 of their prets into Veggie Prets! This would be amazing and allow us all to find so much food when out and about in London so get behind this movement and go check out the veggie pret in soho (it’s open until the end of summer now).

In the evening we went to Franca manco. It took me a while to find out if they were vegan but I was pleasantly surprised to see they can cater for vegans and the pizza base is so soft and amazing.

Franca Manco

So that’s all the food we had on Saturday (a lot I know!) but it was such a great day! I definitely recommend all of the places above!

Love A x

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