Today we went plastic bottle free

Hello everyone!

So today’s blog isn’t a recipe but actually something I feel super passionate about right now… it’s the use of single-use plastic bottles. Traditionally plastic bottles came about for ease and to make things cost affective (glass was too expensive). However, now people are using these plastic bottles once and not recycling them. You may think “what difference does one plastic bottle make?”,  well think about how many people may think like that. These plastic bottles are causing a massive impact on our world and our seas.

There has been a lot of news coverage about this recently, A study that came out last year estimated that about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the oceans annually, this breaks down from the sun and the waves causing tiny pieces of plastic (micro-plastics). The BBC says that the fish in the sea have become hooked on eating plastic and this makes them slower and more susceptible to being caught. This plastic in the ocean poisons the fish and has a massive impact on marine life.

It’s not all about the plastic being eaten, some animals get caught in beer can holders or plastic bags. Turtle numbers have declined rapidly because of it.



We’ve come a long way with plastic bags now costing 5p in all large stores, however there is still a long way to go. There is a new #oneless campaign ran by ZSL and Selfridges encouraging everyone to trade their one use plastic bottles with a re-usable one. Many countries around the world have gone plastic bottle free, San Francisco being the first. I am hopeful that London will soon join this list. Until then read and educate yourselves about the impact we’re having on our beautiful planet. A certain disney song comes to mind Colours of the wind (what a fantastic movie!)

Love A x

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