Today we talk about Barcelona

Hi all,

Now for all of you veggie/ vegans who get told that Europe has no food to offer, worry not as there is plenty of food around! I suggest going onto Happycow website before you travel as that has a good database of places to eat! So here’s my favourite places in Barcelona!

We found a lovely veggie tapas place in the centre of the city called Rasoterra. It was a cute little restaurant which had food from local farms and was organic. We had a selection of Tapas food and Pan Cot Tomato on bread, I had a fantastic summer salad with peaches and walnuts!

IMG_7946 IMG_7947


Cat Bar is one of the most spoken about vegan restaurants in Barcelona! It’s a tiny little place which is basically the equivalent of London pubs, however inside it was full of quirky random designs (including forks over the lamp shade and even cheese graters). There were also guitars hung from the ceiling and random paintings inside. The food is meant to be good there but we were too full to eat so just made a quick evening stop there.










After dinner we ended up going back to Teresa Carles Cocina Vegetariana that was right next to our hotel and I tried the chocolate and coconut vegan cake- it was by far the greatest cake I’ve ever had! (definitely wish I could get this cake in London!)


The day we went on a walking tour around Barcelona, we were too far from any place I knew of so we decided to walk around the old town in the hope of finding some pizza restaurant. To our delight we actually ran into a vegetarian restaurant called Vegetalia. The staff here were so friendly and helped me figure out the menu… I started with the traditional Pan Cot tomato, which was so fresh and then moved onto the BEST salad I have had- it was full of every veg possible as well as some roasted nuts and tempeh.










La Boqueria market is a fantastic place to find fresh fruit and veg, even dry fruit and flavoured salt. If you fancy then you can even find the spiciest chillies in little spray oil bottles if you’re daring enough! The market also has a veggie section on the far right with pre-made lunch options (didn’t try any as they wouldn’t be suitable for me but it looked good if anyone in the area fancied it).


On the last night, we really wanted some Sushi and luckily we managed to find some just after watching the musical fountain show. The restaurant we found was tiny and definitely not in a tourist location so we had a few language barrier issues but eventually managed to get some veggie sushi to satisfy the craving.



So there you have it… All the great food we found in Barcelona and how to keep an eye out for restaurants even when you think there are none around!

Love A x

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