Today we talk about Australia

Taking a trip down under today.

Australia has been one of my most favourite holidays of all time. There’s so much beauty and nature in that country and it’s so nice to see so much of it is protected. The main cities in Australia are great for vegans and they’re really clued up about it and can usually cater for you. However, if you do what I do and travel around Australia in a car and possibly go to the countryside places then make sure you stay in a self-catered place as it’s really difficult to find food in restaurants where they looked at my with a confused face when I said ‘Vegan’.

But here’s my favourite restaurants in Australia:

  1. Iku wholefoods in Westfield, Sydney where we enjoyed a lovely healthy vegan breakie!

2. Le pain quotiediene in Sydney city – WIN!! They had a great menu and vegan options- we were both extremely happy…

3. Lord of the Fries in Sydney city. This place is fantastic as it disguises itself as a normal fast food outlet but is actually fully vegan!

4. Raw Kitchen in Perth!!! Ahhh I would have gone to this place everyday if I could. Such a unique collection of foods and flavours.


5. Colonial Cafe , Townsville Queensland. Definitely one of my favourite finds as we stumbled across it when driving through the town! I ate so much I had to lie down after the meal. The staff were great and catered to all of our needs.Vegan focaccia, vegan smoothie anddddd vegan brownie (with Enjoy written in the chocolate powder)!


6. Funky pies near Bondi beach. Great place to pick up some food and take towards the beach.

7. San Churros can be found all over Australia and has some amazing churros with dark chocolate dip (although full of sugar!)



The list is endless and I know there’s thousands of other vegan restaurants out there now, just make sure you have your eyes peeled!

Love A x


Update: Flora and Fauna and Natures Harvest in Perth! Also the amazing Gelatio 101 in Perth with the most amazing ice cream I’ve had in a while.

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