Today we talk about the Canary Islands


This year we actually went to the Canary Islands TWICE! I know the islands are small and there’s a lot of sunshine and sand, also it’s not famously known for it’s vegan food but we found some great vegan places (again by using happy cow).

So my first must visit place in Lanzarote is the V factor in Arrecife. The food is incredible and the staff were fantastic. The interior was designed with lots of interesting items inside and is kid and dog friendly too. It’s so close to the beach too so after we ate for about 3 hours straight we took a walk down to the beach (where the water is warm too!)


The cakes were great and we had some great wraps too.

Coffee and cake to start with. Plus a rubix cube if you’re feeling up to the challenge.




The next Canary Island we went to was Tenerife. We stayed in a hotel for a wedding for the first part of the holiday and the food was specially made for us so there were no issues there. We then moved to a self-catered apartment after the wedding and mainly cooked at the apartment. One day though we went to the most amazing restaurant called Daniela near Los Cristianos. Again this place is super close to the beach so it’s perfect for a day out. The owner has been vegan for 15 years and her husband is a chef and has been cooking for all of these years so they opened their own restaurant (because she couldn’t find food anywhere else). The restaurant had only been open for 3 weeks and we were able to talk to Daniela herself and her service was fantastic.

Vegan Restaurant in Tenerife

We ended up spending the whole afternoon there again and got most of the things on the menu! The food was so tasty and so good to have! We had a mixture of deep fried soy, falafels, hummus (roasted red pepper hummus was amazing!), lettuce wraps, fried broccoli. Then we were brought amazing desserts: strawberry and gofio mousse and strawberry ice cream. Gofio is a unique for the canary islands and is made from milled wheat. They use it in milkshakes, ice cream and basically everything. Had I had any space I would have brought some back to experiment with it.



So that’s a wrap everyone! More blogs and recipes to follow next week!

Love A x

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