Today we made white sauce mushrooms

Hello all,

How are you all?

So this week I decided to upload an absolute favourite vegan cheat recipe of mine. I always loved making lasagne and white sauce pasta bakes before I went vegan and was determined to find a vegan way of making white sauce too so I could continue to eat these dishes! It’s a super simple recipe and always a winner but do remember to add the milk slowly otherwise you’ll get lumps (!)


1 tbsp margarine

2 tbsp plain flour

1 1/4 cup unsweetened soy milk

Start by melting the margarine (or vegan butter of your own choice) in a pan, add the plain flour and mix until you get a thick mixture. Now here’s the key part… SLOWLY add the milk. Start with one teaspoon at a time and mix thoroughly to avoid lumps. Once the sauce starts to become more fluid then add the milk quicker and keep stirring over heat. Note: the longer you leave on the heat the thicker it will get.

I have this with cooked mushrooms in pasta. I shared the recipe for mushrooms earlier but have pasted it below for ease:

To cook to mushrooms, add 1 tsp of margarine to a skillet with 1tsp of olive oil. Leave to heat, then add 1tsp grated ginger. One this starts spitting add in the mushrooms and season with salt and herbs. Keep stirring as the mushrooms release a lot of water (this will eventually burn off). The mushrooms will shrink massively so don’t be worried if that happens. Taste and adjust flavours to suite yourself then add into the couscous mix and stir.

Mix the mushrooms into the white sauce and combine with pasta then enjoy!

Comfort food

Love A x

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