Today we ate in London

Hello all!

So last week we were blessed with truly amazing weather and temperature of 32 degrees! I felt like I was on holiday again and I used this awesome weather to explore the city and try out all the vegan places I had heard about.

I started the day in covent garden (I wish I could start everyday there!). I love how colourful and vibrant covent garden is. I wondered the streets and headed towards Neal’s yard (literally my favourite place in London) and the location of some really great cafe’s. The first one that catches your attention is Wild Food Cafe with it’s multi-coloured windows and hanging plants. This cafe caters Raw veggie food with a focus on wellbeing and the staff are very welcoming and able to help you make the tough decisions of what to pick from the amazing menu.

The beautiful windows at Wild Food Cafe

There are also two other awesome places in Neal’s Yard: Salad Pride and 26 grains. I had an awesome brunch at salad pride with my husband. (please not 26 grains is closed and re-opens in September).

Sweet and Savoury options at Salad Pride

Covent Garden is also a fantastic place to shop (away from the crowds) but also there are some amazing (unique!) shops there. I went into Buddha on a bicycle and purchased some healing crystals to help in my daily meditation (there’s a lot on the web about this so I thought I’d give it a go- it’s going well so far!). I later fashioned this beautiful crystal into a necklace.

Adventurine crystal


Ok so onto the next location… Camden Town! Now I work close to camden town so I’ve been to the market a few times and always been disappointed at the lack of vegan options despite camden having so many vegan shops. However, Kerb food have taken over the market and there are a few vegan stalls that can’t be missed! We had some nachos from Club mexicana and the cakes at “cupcakes and shhht” looked incredible so I would definitely recommend stopping at both of these. There were also lots of other vegan options at other stalls so walk around and see what takes your fancy.

Nachos with COCONUT cheese!

So that’s a lot of food so far but we couldn’t stop there! We adventured to Old Street to go to Redemption bar that I had heard so much about. We were greeted with this sign and I instantly knew they were on the same wavelength as me:

Everything I look for!

We were able to sit outside in a cut courtyard and enjoy the weather and the fantastic food. I really enjoyed the food here and we definitely over ordered but I highly recommend it to everyone!


And that’s a wrap! Now there are so many new places on my list of places I love but my list of places to visit keeps growing. If you have a favourite place then let me know, I’d love to try it out.

Love A x

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