Today we make Biscuit Pudding


As promised here are some more sweet recipes… today’s one is Biscuit Pudding a.k.a Tiramisu. So here’s a little history about this recipe. It’s actually one of the first desserts my husband made for me (and actually one of the very few! haha)

So to make this recipe is super easy to make. There’s no baking involved and you can use things that you have around the house. We simply layer up the ingredients and feel free to add or remove layers as you fancy.


1 pack of rich tea biscuits

3 tsp coffee in 1/2 cup of hot water (or coffee to your preferred strength)

1 tin coconut milk (leave to stand in the fridge overnight- don’t shake!)

1 carton of vegan custard

Melted chocolate

Finely grounded coconut sugar

Flaked Almonds


  1. Get your preferred container (I used about 20cm by 20cm) and line the bottom with melted chocolate
  2. Next pour your coffee into a bowl and soak the biscuits in the mixture (you don’t want them to be too soft though). Dip the biscuits in one by one and layer on top of the chocolate. You may need to break some of the biscuits to fill in the gaps. I did two layers of biscuits here.
  3. Next we want to add a layer of custard. Prepare the custard (plain or whisk in some coconut sugar) and layer on top of the biscuits.
  4. Next scatter on the flaked almonds (this provides a great texture between your pudding)
  5. Then we want to add one more layer of coffee soaked biscuits on top of the custard
  6. Now for the final layer! Open the tin of coconut milk gently and scoop out the thick layer on top (taking care not to take in too much of the liquid). Whisk this with finely ground coconut sugar (to taste) and layer on top of the biscuit.
  7. You can top the pudding off with  grated chocolate or melted chocolate again
  8. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight
  9. Cut and serve!



Enjoy! Love A x

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