Today we do yoga

Namaste all!

Hope you’ve all had a beautiful bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the amazing sunshine!

I just thought I’d share a little blog with you about why I do yoga and the benefits I’ve seen.

I started yoga over two years ago and used the sessions as an opportunity to connect with myself and take some time out of a busy day/week. I still do yoga for this reason too. It’s a great way to connect with your body, yourself and allow the tensions to disappear for a short while. It’s amazing how much calmer you feel after yoga.

Secondly, yoga is a great form of exercise. For anyone that thinks it just involves some stretching you need to try out some rocket yoga! Your body gets a full body work out as you’re activating your core, your glutes, your shoulders, your triceps and literally every muscle in your body. Depending on what kind of classes you may go to, the teacher may choose to focus on different muscle groups too so expect to feel sore the next day.

Thirdly, it improves your flexibility. It really does! So you may not see the results after one class but consistent practise will help you increase your flexibility.

On the other hand, yoga isn’t all about flexibility! If you’re super flexible already then yoga can be the tool you use to build your strength to support you in your other sports too.

It’s like a coffee shot without any of the caffeine.  I’ve been caffeine free for a few years now but nothing wakes me up the way yoga does. Sounds a bit counter intuitive as it’s thought to be relaxing and calming (which it is), but totally depends on what kind of class you go to.

Yoga can help with asthma and breathing. So breathing is something we all do but don’t really think about. Yoga allows you the time to connect with your breath and tune in and listen to your body.

It improves self-esteem and confidence and encourages us to be comfortable in our own body. My downward facing dog has always looked different to everyone else’s and I used to be conscious of it but yoga has taught me that we are all on our own journey and you are where you’re meant to be.

Yoga unites. It brings people together in a safe, comfortable place. Encourages respect for each other and allows everyone the opportunity to participate.


I could go on for a while but if you’ve ever been unsure about trying yoga or thought you weren’t flexible enough for it then please do go try a class. If you didn’t enjoy it then go try it with another teacher. Yoga is about finding someone that you connect with and are comfortable with.

Most of all it’s about loving yourself and the journey you’re on!

Love A x


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