Today we think about the environment

Hello everyone!

With World environment day yesterday and world ocean day tomorrow, I thought there couldn’t be a more appropriate time for us to reflect on our impact to the environment and the world around us.

The current political climate is tough and many high powered people are making decisions which may not be putting the environment first. Now is the time for the rest of us to take leadership on this. Now is the time for the rest of us to act.

Having recently been abroad to India and Borneo, I’ve noticed first hand how much of an impact we have on the world around us. In India I saw cows eating, sleeping and living in piles of rubbish and plastic- things which will be around for years and years because it’s built to last.

Local cows living in rubbish

I was walking along the beach one day and saw about 20 plastic bottles just piled up a metre away from the ocean.

How many bottles can you see?

In Borneo we were out SUP-ing the day after a storm and saw loads of rubbish floating in the sea. Apparently local villages weren’t given rubbish disposal systems so they pile it up and eventually it gets washed away or burned. Now I know this is the other side of the world and in the UK we recycle and use bins but since my recent travelling I’ve vowed to cut down my plastic use and take more control over what I use.

Coke cans, plastic bottles and cartons floating through the sea

Now I’m not saying I’m perfect. There have been days when I may use plastic cutlery when I’m out or use the occasional straw but I know these are things I need to work on  and I know I will try by best! Because we only have this one planet, now and in the future!

Below I have shared some of my favourite ways of reducing waste but if you have more ideas then please let me know! I’m always open to ideas.


  • Buy re-usable metal straws
  • Carry around a ecoffee cup or re-usable coffee cup for all your caffeine needs on the go
  • Buy a re-usable water bottle- there’s so many out there. You may even find that it saves you some money in the long run
  • Buy vegetables and fruit from local markets or ones which aren’t wrapped in plastic
  • Keep a tote bag on you for all your shopping needs
  • Use plates and cutlery at parties instead of disposables
  • Upcycle plastic containers and re-use them for storing leftovers or they can be used for various children’s crafts


  • Recycle it all!
  • Re-use where possible. I often write on envelopes or use them before putting them into the recycle bin
  • Wrap presents in newspaper (a dear friend of mine’s favourite thing to do!)
  • Make newspaper bracelets- great gifts


  • Eat less meat and more green!
  • Save water when brushing your teeth or washing up
  • Use washing materials that are environmentally friendly- I’ve been using soap nuts for a while now for my clothes and I think it works fantastically!
  • Pack snacks in tupperware containers instead of foil or clingfilm
  • Use Ecosia as your search engine- they plant trees with revenue generated so you’re helping the planet from the comfort of your desk!


So like I said these are my favourite tips but please let me know yours too. I’m always looking to improve and lets work together to make the planet a nicer place.

Love and light

A x

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