Today we talk about Chakras

Hey yogi’s,

So as promised heres another ‘yoga explained’ blog for you. The past few weeks I’ve been speaking about Chakras in my yoga sessions and 60 minutes just isn’t enough to explain everything I want to get across so I’m hoping this blog can fill in the gaps. I’ll keep it nice and short but let me know if you have any other questions!

When I learnt about chakras I was so fascinated in it and how our body sends energy around our bodies and what impact that can have on our wellbeing. We also share energy with others around us and receive others energies too (so surround yourself with lots of positive energy).

In our bodies there are 7 energy centres from which energy can be released or blocked. Each chakra is connected to a different emotion and that’s where our energy gets blocked, however if we can break through it then we can change our patterns. Asana (Physical yoga practise), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation can help you work on these chakras. Below I’ve outlined each chakra with their symptons, asana and elements.


Root Chakra = Muladhara

  • Linked to our feeling of security, fear, sensuality and grounding
  • Blockage in this chakra may result in lower back pain
  • Related to the earth element and grounding
  • Links to the sound Lam
  • Animal is an elephant- removes obstacles (trees) with it’s tusks & has great memory (never makes the same mistake twice)
  • Asana = Inversions to work against gravity or any grounding asanas
  • Pranayama = Hyperventelation
  • Meditate on the earth or colour of red, visualise yourself positive and strong.

Sacrum Chakra = Swādishtāna

  • Linked to our feelings of enthusiasm and procreation
  • Related to the water element
  • Links to the sound Vam
  • Animal is a crocodile
  • Asana = hip openers and free flowing dance
  • Pranayama = Hyperventelation
  • Meditate on the water or colour of orange or the moon

Solar Plexus Chakra =Manipura

  • Linked to our feeling of determination, self confidence, growth, ambition, aggression
  • Blockage in this chakra may result in digestive disorders
  • Related to the element of fire
  • Links to the sound Ram
  • Animal is an Ram
  • Asana = Core, spinal twists and marichiasana
  • Pranayama = Hyperventelationto increase energy and cooling breath to decrease it
  • Meditate on the earth or colour of yellow, visualise yourself confident
  • Links to our gut feeling

Heart Chakra = Anahata

  • Linked to our feeling of love, self-acceptance, judgement
  • Related to the air element
  • Links to the sound Yam
  • Animal is an antelope – graceful animal that jumps over small things and doesn’t hold onto other things
  • Asana = Heart openers and backbends
  • Pranayama = Yogic breathing
  • Meditate on the colour green, sounds or your deep emotions

Throat Chakra = Vishuddhi

  • Linked to our communication ability
  • This chakra links to you ability to communicate physically and mentally (also the ability to say no)
  • Related to the element of space
  • Links to the sound Ham
  • Animal is a mythological elephant with 7 trunks that can talk
  • Asana = Fish, Camel, Lion’s breath
  • Pranayama = Ujjayih
  • 20 minutes of singing mantra’s followed with 10 minutes of meditation for five days

Third eye Chakra = Ājna

  • Linked to our balance, intuition, ability to make the correct decision
  • Blockage in this chakra may result in light sensitivity and sleep disturbances
  • Related to the light element
  • Links to the sound Om
  • Animal is a black antelope that is a curious explorative animal
  • Asana = Balances
  • Pranayama = Alternative nostril breathing and humming bee
  • Meditate on the earth or colour of indigo or sound om

Crown Chakra = Shasrara

  • Thi element is not linked to a physical properties- it’s more transcendent
  • Links to the sound Om
  • Meditate on colour white, sound om


So there you have it- the 7 main energy centres throughout the body. This may or may not resonate with you but either way I’ve found it so fascinating and I hope you do too. Hoping to build some more chakra work into my yoga sessions in the following weeks.

Love and light to you all

A x



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