Today we set intentions

Hello again!

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for disappearing for a few months. The summer was amazing with so many fantastic events and yoga classes happening and then somehow we’re already at the end of October…

If you’re like me you probably feel like time is just rushing you by. I genuinely have just about remembered that it’s 2017 (only took me 10 months), but our lives seem to be busier now than ever before and we’re always looking forward to that holiday or time off as a chance to reset! But mother nature gives us something even better… a new beginning every month! A New Moon!

Now wether you follow Astrology or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that the new moon signifies a day when the moon can’t be seen at all until the next night when you can see a faint edge. For us that signifies a clean slate. So we don’t need to wait until New Years Eve 2017 to set our ‘new year wishes’, we can do this every month… allowing us to always refine and move forward.

What to do:


For me I take time every month to write down what I’m grateful for! Even when you might feel like it’s been a hard month, there’s always double the number of things to be grateful for.

Clear space

Is there anything in the past month that has been weighing you down? Thoughts worries or just something you’ve been wanting to share. Take this time to clear space, talk and then (Most importantly!) move on. Turn your back on it and leave those worries behind.

Set intentions

You might be hearing this in your yoga classes and wondering what it even means… An intention is a promise to yourself or a pure desire or wish you want. During a yoga class it may be to stay present or just focus on your breath but your new moon intentions can be much broader. Take some time to note down 5 things you’d like to work on this month… maybe taking time out to go for a coffee with your friend, to go to your local park or to just be more mindful as you eat. Your intentions can be as big, as small and as challenging as you want.

It’s not as daunting as setting an intention on 1st January to go to the gym and then realise half way through March that you shouldn’t have agreed to a 12 month contract (We’ve all been there!). These are monthly intentions! You set them now then revisit them next new moon when nature gives you that reset button once more.


So that’s it from me. I hope you have a beautiful new moon evening and find some time to sit and breathe.

Love Avni x

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