Today we meditate

Happy Monday! We’re thankful it’s Monday!

Why? Well every Monday is the start of a new week, new challenges and new experiences. Working freelance means I work on my weekends too and hence the week is just a rotation of exciting opportunities. But I do have days when I feel like I just need some time out- maybe a day of laying on the sofa. BUT I’ve also realised the more I meditate the less mentally exhausted I get and the less I feel like I need some time off.

Now I’m not perfect. I have days where I skip meditation too but I’m aware of this and I know it’s something I need to improve on. However, this blog isn’t about my daily routine! It’s about meditation… what is it? How do you do it? Why do you do it?

Simple really… Meditation is time for you to focus on your breathing, yourself and just be present without any disturbances. Now most of these disturbances come from our mind… we sit down to meditate and then suddenly remember we need to put the clothes to wash or send an email to our colleague. However I have one imagery I use to help me meditate and that’s imagining you’re lying on the grass (or sand for the beachy folk amongst us) and looking up to the sky. You notice the clouds floating by, those clouds are your thoughts, you just watch them float past. We know that we can’t catch a cloud and hold onto it, and there’s no point in trying to chase them and hence we just sit back and watch them float away. In the same way imagine you’re sitting there soaking up the warmth of the sun, you can feel the ocean breeze on your face and you’re just smiling, being present and enjoying that feeling.


Now for many people starting out in meditation it’s virtually impossible not to get caught up in your thoughts OR to not fall asleep (note to my husband here!), but meditation doesn’t just need to be done sitting still with your eyes closed. Below are some of my other favourite meditation techniques:

  1. Using a mala or meditation ring. Feeling each bead individually and moving them along with your breath or a mantra (repetitive words)
  2. Flower gazing- looking at a flower so deeply that you can see each bump, colour and texture on the flower. Maybe taking a moment to notice it’s smell. Gazing at it for a good few minutes before closing your eyes and visualising it.
  3. Candle gazing- same as above but with a candle. Noticing how it dances in the air and the colours throughout the flame before closing your eyes and visualising it again.
  4. Crystals- For those of you that use crystals may have them as part of your yoga practise or in your rooms but they can be used for meditation too. Holding a crystal in your hand and feeling the different surfaces. Noticing the weight of it in your hand and the cool surface against your hand.
  5. Counting- Probably my favourite method of grounding myself is by taking focused breaths. As you breath in count 1 and as you breath out count 2. Carry this on until you get to 10 and start again. If you lose focus and can’t remember you’re number start again from 1. I do 12 focused breaths before I start my practise and it’s amazing how it clears my head and really brings me to my mat.


Now I’m sure there’s loads of other methods and I’d love to hear what works for you! Please leave me a comment so we can help each other find a little peace in our day.

Love Avni x

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