Today we decorate (sustainably)

Happy 1st December!

Growing up in the UK has made me love December… the Christmas lights, festive cheer, parties, gifts and of course santa!

However, only until recently have I really thought about how sustainable this all is! Don’t get me wrong I love to decorate and give gifts as much as the next person but last year I challenged myself to be as sustainable as possible. So here’s what I did…

Step 1: Find bits of “rubbish” around the house

Paper packaging, cereal boxes, kitchen rolls

Step 2: Get creative!

I’ve used my cereal boxes to make stars to decorate the house with- simple draw on the star, cut it out and use scissors to score along the inside to create a 3D shape:

3D star
Cut along the black lines and on the inside score across the red lines. Fold across red lines to create 3D star.
String stars together for beautiful garland (no one will ever know it’s old cereal boxes!)

Secondly I’ve used the kitchen roll to make christmas tree decorations. Folding the tube in half then cutting off 6 thin circles. Arranging the circles (or petals) side by side and glueing them together to create flowers:

Kitchen roll flowers

And lastly that kitchen roll can also be used to make your own advent calendar. If you’ve got more time than me you can decorate it and fill with your own little treats! (This year I’ve filled mine with daily challenges)

DIY advent calendar


Step 3: Think about how your wrap your gifts. Can you reuse any paper packaging, old wrapping paper or newspaper to hide your gifts? I know it may seem small but it’s amazing how much of it we get through at this time of year.

Step 4: All things considered, don’t forget to keep up the festive cheer! London has always been one of my favourite places to be around Christmas- everyone seems to be in a chatty and happier mood!

Love A x

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