Today we reflect

Hello lovely people,

So as we get ready for Christmas and the week long celebrations until New Years, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year. But first:

  • What are reflections?

Taking time to look back through events, activities and feelings.

  • Why do we do reflections?

Reflections allow us to see the positives from the past year, month, day and keep us on the right track. Now it’s important to remember not to focus on the negatives- any goals you wanted to have reached, any obstacles in your way. See if you’re able to turn that around and understand what you’ve learnt from that experience, what can you take forward, how can you grow?

  • When should you do reflections?

Now this one is easy! Whenever you want! Just requires a quiet place, pen and paper or even the notes on your phone. I enjoy pen to paper as it’s solid and something I can feel and look at. As for when I reflect, I usually practise reflections and intentions every month on the new moon and then I spend New Years Eve at home with a big cup of tea for a full review.

  • What should you take from your reflections?

Writing your reflections may feel strange at first but with time they leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. My monthly practise also includes a gratitude practise as well and there is just SO MUCH to be grateful for.


So now you’ve heard me ramble on about what reflections are and why we do them,  here are some of mine for 2017:

  • Completing the most difficult course I’ve ever done and graduating as a certified yoga teacher (to read more about how I found yoga teacher training please look at the blog:
  • My ever growing passion for creating new and interesting vegan recipes and actually having the confidence to do so!
  • Meeting so so many incredible souls who have inspired my life in so many ways.
  • Having the courage to quit my job and just follow my passion. This was so incredibly hard but I’m grateful for my amazing husband’s support throughout.
  • Growing confidence – I may seem super confident now but I assure you this wasn’t always the case. This year has taught me to love myself just as I am and that’s boosted my confidence to new levels.
  • Sustainability! Yes you hear me rave on about it all the time but I’m so glad this year has shown an increasing number of people changing their own habits for the future of our planet.
  • Realising that life is short and taking time everyday to really appreciate my surroundings, people and opportunities.
  • Getting to share my love of yoga with so many amazing souls. Having them open their hearts to me and share there energy and vibes with me.
  • Sharing yoga with children! Having worked in the education field for six years I was so keen to combine the two but I’ve realised it’s harder than it looks but the rewards are huge!
  • Being able to meditate for more than a minute. As most people meditation was super difficult for me- I just couldn’t get my mind to be quiet and ended up feeling more frustrated but after a whole year of constant practice and slowly increasing the time, I’m able to sit, breathe and just be.
  • My growing happiness. Literally laughing out loud every single day!
  • Spending time with friends, nephews, nieces, family! Being fortunate enough to be off during the day some days and spending that time with the people closest to me.
  • Travelling! This year has been a complete blessing, I’ve been able to travel, explore new places, people and really learn about this planet we live on. I’ve been travelling with eco-friendly tourism companies and making sure we weren’t damaging the local natural habitats by any of our actions. I’ve also been careful to make I’m offsetting my carbon footprint.
  • You! Whoever you are, wherever you may be. Thank you for following my journey, sending me messages, liking my posts and generally making me smile each and every day


Now this list could go on for ages but those were just a few of the highlights! I’m genuinely so excited to carry on this journey into the new year with lots of new and exciting material to follow.

Thank you for all of your support and have a lovely holiday break. Eat, laugh, celebrate but don’t forget to breathe and take time for yourself too.

Love and light Avni x

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