Today we put down our phone

Happy new year lovely people!

Hope you’ve had a lovely and relaxed start to the new year- maybe even managed to squeeze in some reflection and intention practises.

This weeks blog is slightly different- not yoga or food related but more of a lifestyle blog. A bit of a ramble from me over what I’ve learnt over the past few days but something I hope resonates with everyone on some level.

So after spending christmas and new years with family and friends, my husband and I went away to a spa for two days to refresh and just have some time out. I read on their website that they had a ‘no-phone’ policy and was excited at the prospect of complete freedom and no distractions. However, I don’t think my mind knew just how addicted I was!

Ok, so on the first day we arrived we excitedly went to the pool, spa etc and left our phones safely locked away. Returning to the room merely to get ready for dinner then back out again. After dinner we settled by the fire with our books and began reading. By this time it was already 8 hours without my phone but because I was in the pool and having dinner I hadn’t really noticed. Only when I sat down to read did I notice this little voice in the back of my head saying “you need to check your phone”. I stopped reading, looked around and of course realised I didn’t have it on me so went back to reading. I kid you not, 2 minutes later that little voice comes back “you need to check your emails”, I tried to quieten it but it came back stronger: “I wonder what so and so is doing”, “have you messaged your mum”, “maybe you should put an instagram post up”. This carried on for about half an hour and I kept trying to quieten this voice and just enjoy reading my book.

Eventually we went back to the room and the first thing I did was find my phone and check all my messages, instagram, emails etc. At this point nothing hit me. The next morning we were out again- swimming, going to classes, dining and of course relaxing by the fire with our books. But this time I had my phone in my bag (not my pocket but my bag), but still that voice came out: “check your phone!”. At that moment it hit me.

I am addicted to my phone.

So much so I even had a sore wrist from all the texting last week. Now I know I need my phone for my job and my business AND yes I love being able to connect with so many incredible people across the world- friends, families, yogis! It’s not the technology I have an issue with at all! It’s my addiction to it. Without realising I had become reliant on this small piece of technology. I looked at it when I was watching a movie on TV, reading a book, sitting with family, these incredibly precious moments I wasn’t able to be present and mindful! As much as I speak of mindfulness, I was struggling with a huge part of it too!

So yes this blog is a bit of a ramble but I want you to just take a moment and maybe find one part of your life you could be more mindful and make a promise to make time for those precious moments in life.

For me, here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Buy an old school alarm clock and limit my phone to the living room (I know there’s many of us that take our phones with us into every room!)
  • Not use my phone for an hour before bed. Reading a book instead! I have a never ending list of books so this is a perfect time to get stuck into it.
  • Leave my phone in my bag (not my pocket) when I meet friends and family. Even in those quiet moments, just enjoying everyone’s presence than using it as an opportunity to “catch up”
  • Allocate time every day to stay on top of personal admin (to stop it from spilling into every second)
  • Allow myself to turn off every now and then. Yes work hard, be on top of everything but also take time for myself.
  • Don’t instagram scroll for hours! I wonder if there is actually a way to monitor the time I spend on this little app. I love it so much but I think I need to spend a small fraction of that time on meditation or reading.
  • Arrange to meet people face to face or call (to avoid texting for days)

And finally, I may fail on these points from time to time and I know we’re all humans at the end of the day but I want to live a mindful, present and (as much of a) stress free life as I can. For me this is one major factor that will help me on this journey. I hope you’ll all keep me on track too and call me out when need be.

Hoping you have a lovely rest of the week. Let me know if this blog has resonated with you at all- I’d love to hear from you.

Love as always


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