Today we pack our bags

Hi lovelies,

Soooo finally it’s the week I’ve been waiting for! Time for some winter sunshine! And I couldn’t be more ready for it… especially after that snow this weekend.

As much as I love to travel there are some things which are difficult… to start with the actual travelling side of it!! But here are some of my top travelling tips:

  1. Always take your own water bottle! You can get them to fill it up on the plane and then you always have it with you- stay hydrated!
  2. Have your coffee cup on stand-by. I always take this with me when I travel because I hate using disposable coffee cups. This means you can get a coffee at the airport and abroad.
  3. Teabags! Yes I take my own teabags. This along with my ecoffee cup is a life saver. I can’t drink caffeinated drinks so having my own tea bags along with this cup means I can drink my own hot drinks on the flight.
  4. Reusable cutlery (again to cut down on the disposables)
  5. Make your own snacks for the flight- I’ve just finished making flapjacks to keep me going.
  6. Essential oils. I’ve been using doterra oils recently and they’re amazing! There’s one for everything. Melaleuca is a favourite for planes.
  7. Lip balm because the air conditioning dries out your skin.
  8. Journals and books! To keep you company when you have those amazing brainwaves and need to just write everything down.
  9. Your own headphones. Plus many downloaded podcasts!
  10. A Mala because there’s always time to meditate. Sometimes it’s natural to feel anxious on planes so having a mala on hand means you can put on some headphones, zone out and just take some time to breathe.
  11. Humble toothbrush as we really don’t need more plastic in this world.
  12. Wear the comfiest clothes for the flight along with jumpers and layers to keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature.
  13. Final one, and maybe an obvious one, carry a travel yoga mat! It’s important to keep up your self practise especially after those long flights.
All hail the humble brush


So there it is! My ultimate flying tricks and if you have anymore to share with me than I’m all ears! Always looking at ways to make my journeys smoother and slightly more eco friendly.

Love A x

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