Today we go to Yoga Games

Happy Monday!

Spent the day recuperating and absorbing all of the amazing sessions from the weekend. But before I share that let me start from the beginning!

Sunday School Yoga is an amazing community of yoga teachers across London. Meeting monthly to share knowledge from specialist mentors. Through this group I’ve made such incredible friends, created a book swap club and got back into climbing. Not only is this a great group to make friends with but also there to support you and help you when you’re a little lost on your yoga journey. Now this amazing community organise school trips! Travelling to a yoga festival and getting to learn and share knowledge with the wider yoga community.


The weekend started with an early morning flight to Stockholm with the yogi’s looking bleary eyed and in need of some coffee but with a short nap on the flight we touched down in beautiful Stockholm! It was about -8 degrees and we went on a beautiful walk to the festival location- stopping to take photos of the icy scenery.

The first workshop was titled “Mantras and Molecules” by Dave Stringer (who if you haven’t checked out it’s a must!). We learnt about how singing Kirtan can impact your mood and affect your brain neurologically. It was fascinating to learn about the science behind what singing does to you. Singing kirtan for 10 minutes can completely elevate your mood and I can vouch for that!

Friday night was a quick dinner and then straight to bed ready for the full day of Yoga ahead. Saturday started with Michael James Wong’s “Just Breathe” session- learning about meditation and connecting to the community with an eye gazing session. What is eye gazing you ask? Well it’s sitting opposite a stranger or maybe even someone you know, keeping eye contact (no blinking, talking or looking away) for 5 minutes. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll do as it’s awkward at first and you meet it with resistance but after a while you sink into it, let your guard down and it’s the most magical experience! Connecting with someone in a way you never have before.

After that magical session, Claire and I went on a wonder in Gamla Stan and found a bakery that serves vegan cinammon buns! So of course I got one because you have to when in Stockholm!

After the wandering in the snow we came back to an amazing ladder flow class with the whole Sunday School crew, lead by Michael.It was the most sweaty and intense class but so so so much fun! Practising along side 30 of our London Yoga teachers and some of our fellow Swedish teachers and yogis, was so encouraging, there was a lot of whooping, cheering and support from everyone! No one realised it had been 90 minutes already and we didn’t want the class to end!

Saturday evening was Dave Stringer’s concert and IT WAS AMAZING! Every single one of us was up dancing and singing our hearts out. The room was overflowing with energy and the singing carried on into the evening and even through the streets after dinner!

Sunday started with a Boys of Yoga class with three amazing teachers leading us through a flow with awesome 90s music to accompany it (and our SSY boys demoing and assisting the class). Again we were on such a buzz after this class we were dancing around, doing some Acro Yoga and handstand practise.

This awesome class was followed by a much needed restorative flow called “Sleepy time”. An hour of taking things super slow, eyes closed and just doing whatever felt good for us. Ending the class with a story read out of Michael’s new book and a real sense of community. Many hugs and tears were shared, very little words exchanged but a real sense of support felt by all.


Final session for the weekend was Dave Stringers “Roar of Joy” which involved getting up in front of everyone and reading/ singing poetry. Learning to be vulnerable and comfortable enough to just sing. It was all improvised and the results were beautiful! Again the class were so supportive and loving, no judgements being made and just a whole room rooting for you.


And like that the weekend was over! All of us felt like the weekend needed to be longer and none of us wanted it to end. So from me it’s a huge thank you to the whole Sunday School Community, Michael James Wong and the Yoga games organisers. We learnt so much and loved every single moment of it!


All the Yoga love

Avni xx

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