Today we tune in

Happy Monday everyone.

As we start the week we often get caught up in our to-do lists, tasks, worries, emails and the ever growing expectation society places on us through social media and the need to be ‘busy’. But how often do you schedule in time for yourself? Do you start your week thinking about how to be mindful? How to squeeze in a little bit of time for yourself? If you do, then please teach me how!!

This weeks blog isn’t long but I just wanted to drop you all a little reminder that it’s ok to take time out, to enjoy the snow day (highly likely tomorrow) or to have a duvet day. Often we get caught up in the rush of life, the need to be ‘busy’ otherwise we aren’t progressing or being successful. But actually a lot of that comes when you’ve taken time for yourself… when you feel relaxed, confident and have a clear and focused mind.

So I just wanted to share some of my favourite methods for tuning in…

  • Read a book! (This year already I’ve finished 4 and feel like I’m growing with every book I read)
  • Eat a meal without any distractions- no phones, laptops and no TV. Actually tuning into the sights, smells and possibly even sounds of your meal. Enjoying each bite mindfully and slowly. I promise you food tastes better like this!
  • Go to a yoga class! Ok so I might be a bit bias here but flowing in a class or even teaching a class clears your mind and makes you feel so zen!
  • Meditate or even try to meditate (aka take a little nap). Meditation can be hard for many people and that’s ok, it takes time and everyday is different. Just sitting still, breathing and maybe falling asleep will leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Have a lie in and don’t feel guilty about it. For those of you that know me, know I can sleep in and I’ve grown up in a family where we all love a good lie in. Sadly, as life’s grown and moved on I’ve become embarrassed of my lie in’s. But not anymore! Having a little extra sleep doesn’t mean you’re lazy, in fact sleep is important for your body to recover and grow those muscles you’re after! 🙂
  • Meet your favourite people for a coffee and just be present. Put away your phone, hold space for each other, laugh, cry and just be.
  • Go for a walk in nature… the woods, beach, mountain, wherever you can tune in and connect to nature and this beautiful planet.
  • Just be you… these are just some ways I find peace and they’ll be different for you. You’ve just got to tune in and do what feels right for you.

Let me know if there’s any other favourite mindful activities or ways of tuning in for you.

Love and sunshine (pretending it isn’t snowing outside),

Avni x

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