Today is Earth Hour


As March draws to an end, the clock change approaches, spring is on the horizon, we’re all getting excited to warmer days! The thought of picnics, holidays and summer fun.

But at this crucial time we’re reminded to think of this planet we live on. WWF’s Earth hour isn’t just an opportunity for us to switch off our lights and light up some candles instead. It’s a time for us to reflect, reflect on what impact we’re having on this planet.

Go check out WWF’s Video about what it would feel like to be an animal on this planet.

But we can help in more ways than just turning off our lights. WWF are encouraging us to make a Promise for the planet today! Here are a few ideas:

  • Using a reusable water bottle (we’re so fortunate to live in a country where we can drink tap water!)
  • Buying local vegetables that aren’t wrapped in plastic (or eating seasonal veg)
  • Choosing to make my own snacks instead of buying premade, plastic wrapped snacks
  • Eating a plant based diet
  • Using reusable cutlery instead of disposable ones (I have a bamboo set I keep in my rucksack)
  • Ordering your take-away coffees in a reusable cup or choosing to drink in with a mug
  • Carrying your own Tupperware everywhere! (For takeaways or leftovers)
  • Walking shorter Journeys and enjoying the start of spring

If you’re in need of more inspiration check out the photo below.

Taken on a recent trip abroad where plastic just polluted the streets! This is what’s happening in the sea too… it’s predicted by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea!

And my promise to the planet this year is to find ways to offset my carbon footprint. As I’ve been travelling a lot recently and had a chance to connect to nature in so many countries but will do my bit to offset the impact of flying.

If you’re a young family and finding it difficult to reduce waste, please check out my beautiful incredible friend Wasteless weeks to see how she’s finding ways to waste less each and every week even with an adorable baby in the house.

Alternatively check out WWF starter park for what individuals can do this Earth Hour.

Either way I hope you manage to just switch off for an hour. Enjoy a candlelit dinner or a small digital detox. Finding more ways to be mindful in our daily lives too.

Love Avni x

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