Today we make 5 Sustainable swaps that save money

Hello loves,

Hope you’ve been enjoying this incredible weather!

I just wanted to write a blog highlighting some sustainable swaps that could actually SAVE you money and help save the planet. I mean win win right? Most of the time when I talk to people about creating some sustainable swaps in their life I’m met with “it’s too difficult” or “it’s not easy” so I just wanted to let you know some swaps that don’t take a lot of effort but can actually save you lots of money!

1.Use a reusable coffee cup

Ok so I’m hoping this is one most of you have at least heard of but let me break it down to you using some maths (my husband would be so proud).

A reusable coffee cup should cost around £8 (if you get one like mine – bamboo ecoffee cup). Now Pret offer you 50p off if you bring your own cup! That means after 16 coffees you’ve saved the cost of your cup… assuming you have 4 coffees a week (maybe you have more), that means you have made the money back in just a month! Then it’s saving saving saving from then on.

Also some more numbers to mull over… Coffee cups are not recyclable! So putting them into recycle waste could possibly contaminate everything in that batch and cause it all to go to landfill. It’s estimated that we dispose of about 100 billion coffee cups each year! Just think of that visualisation for a moment. And here you are with the ability to decrease it and save money at the same time.


2. Buy an Ecoegg or Soap nuts

So now I’m starting to go a little obscure. I’m not talking about anything you cook with! Actually these are products you use to wash your clothes. Most household washes clothes in a washing machine and so probably use washing up liquid, tablets or powder. Most of these come in plastic containers! Thinking about how often you need to buy these/ or maybe even remembering to keep a stock of it so you always have fresh clean clothes!

Despite the fact that these products come in plastic containers, some of them contain incredibly harsh chemicals which in turn end up in our water streams!

Now time for some maths again… assuming you already use a more eco friendly washing liquid at £12 for 45 washes and then an additional £5 for the conditioner. Totalling your 45 washes to £17! Then of course stocking up again for the next 45 washes and repeating the process. Alternatively you could get an ecoegg for £20 that lasts 720 washes! That’s enough for 3 years (and that’s if you’re organised and manage to do 4 washes a week instead of the 2 I manage!). So if you were to stick to laundry liquid and conditioner it would cost you £272 for 720 washes… I mean I’m not very good at maths but I can already see a huge saving!!

Now if the ecoegg isn’t for you, you could buy Soap Nuts (1kg for £9). Just using 4 soap nuts per wash (a linen bag with 4 soap nuts can last 2 or 3 washes). Then once they’re soft popping them into the compost bin! I’ve had my 1kg bag that’s lasted me over a year now so already making huge savings and using eco friendly, water friendly and sensitive skin friendly products.


3. Buy a reusable water bottle

I was talking to one of my closest friends about this topic! She’s involved in a conservation project that works with local communities in Africa, collaborating with them and finding ways to keep the water clean and protected for marine life. Obviously, drinking water is a huge problem there and bottled water is needed! During her talks with locals they asked how we drink water here in the UK… she mentioned that we get it through the taps and there is bottled water sold in stores! They were amazed at the fact we get drinking water straight through our taps but still buy bottled water! Now sure there’s added minerals or less chlorine or whatever you might say but London is amazing! We now have places you can fill up your own water bottle for FREE with drinking water. Refill have created over 700 Refill stations over London.

Saving you about £1 every-time you fill up your bottle and considering we should be drinking about 8 glasses of water a day and more in the heat and when travelling on the hot tube you’re making HUGE savings every month!

4. Use a reusable tote or shopping bag

Thank you 5p plastic bag tax! Ever since it’s been introduced there has been a huge drop in the number of plastic bags we use! After all we save money not using plastic!

I’ve got to the stage now where I always have a tote in my bag at all times. One day I forgot my tote and ended up going shopping for veg! I squeezed as much as I could into my rucksack then ended up walking home with a huge bunch of kale (holding it like a bouquet of flowers), I mean I couldn’t have been more vegan hippy if I tried! But in all seriousness… remember those tote bags guys!

5. Buy Local Veg!

Yes for this point for so many reasons! I’m just so excited to tell you that I may just have to bullet point them below:

  • You’re supporting local farmers
  • You buy and eat seasonal veg!
  • Your food hasn’t travelled miles and miles to get to you
  • Usually lasts longer and is fresher

Ok I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t go to the supermarket anymore! Why is everything wrapped in layers of plastic. Bananas… you know the fruit that has a skin that we don’t eat! It’s wrapped in a plastic bag! WHY??? I tried going to the supermarket to get some veg which wasn’t wrapped in plastic and locally grown… I ended up leaving with a potato and some carrots. Ever since then I’ve opted for veg shops or farmers markets and there’s no better time to go then now! Summer is here and there’s so much fresh yummy veg available literally from your doorstep! Even if it’s not your thing just go along as see all the colours and of course puppies that happen to be at farmers markets too!

And to wrap it up with a final bit of maths… I got a huge bunch of kale, purple broccoli, purple and regular carrots, courgette, purple potatoes and limes all for less than £5! Savings galore!


And one final bonus one…

6. Use a bar of soap

Call me old school but a bar of soap is great!! It’s about £2/3 has minimal ingredients in it and lasts for months and months! There’s not plastic bottle, no harsh chemicals that we put onto our skin, literally no fuss! Great for sensitive skin.

We have one in the bathroom to wash your hands as well because we really don’t need new plastic pumps every month.

We recently bought some soap bars made by locals using shea butter and essential oils wrapped in cloth! Cutest gifts but also just plain simple goodness.



So that’s it for me for now! If you found this helpful let me know and I’ll try round up some more money saving ecofriendly tips!

Love Avni x

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