Today we learn about Mindfulness

Hi everyone,

A little while a go I shared a story on my Instagram and I wanted to share it with you all here on the blog.

Read one sentence at a time… as you do create an image in your mind of what’s happening. Try to be as visual as possible and think about the details.

Flick through the stories and follow your train of thought. Don’t read on until you have.

So what did you notice? Let’s break it down..

1) Did you visualise a girl or a boy? How old were they?

2) What did “worry” look like in their body?

3) How did that change when you read “control the class”? Did you then start to think of a teacher?

4) How did your visualisation end?

So what’s the point in this story? Well apart from it being a fun little mind game it teaches us something…

It shows us how our mind makes up a visualisation around a small bit of information. We believe it to be true but actually we don’t have the full picture.

How often in life do you make assumptions or even worry about things? For me I used to do this everyday… always creating worries in my mind that weren’t actually true.

The mind ends up elaborating or maybe even OVER elaborating on the details, judging them and fitting them with past experiences and attaching meaning to them. As a result what we end up seeing in our mind can be different for every single person.

So instead of seeing the world for what it is we see the world based on ourselves.

So if you’re sitting there anxiously worried about something someone said at work or giving yourself a hard time because your friends haven’t replied to your messages… remember, you don’t know the whole picture!

Take a step back and notice where the mind wants to wonder. Acknowledge it and then come back to the breath. Always coming back to the breath.


Love Avni x

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