Today we do Yin Yoga

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago I went on a Yin training course with Sarah Lo. It was an intensive 4 day training course where we learnt about yin poses, anatomy and also Chinese medicine.

Signing up to the course I wanted to deepen my knowledge of meditation and mindfulness. The pre-course reading blew my mind! Showing me just how our body is so interconnected and what the meridian lines even were. This was just the tip of the iceberg!

But before I delve in any deeper I just wanted to help you understand what yin yoga is…

  • Slower yoga flow where you hold poses for up to 5 minutes
  • Each pose works on different organs within the body
  • Between each pose you are given time to move out of it gently and take an opposite stretch
  • Whilst in the pose you’re encouraged to focus on your breathing or sending you attention into where you can feel the stretch
  • It’s not about going the deepest into the pose to start with! It’s about using props and cushions to help you find a point where you feel a stretch but don’t feel pain. Then as the time goes on your body may make space for you to go deeper into the pose.
  • Yin yoga works into the bones and the joints between the bones. Working on the synovial fluid which tends to dry out the older we get or if we injure ourselves. Holding these long poses allows these joints to fill up with liquid therefore encouraging and keeping fluidity.
  • And for this reason it’s good to drink lots of water after a yin yoga class too!!
  • Yin yoga is about understanding your body- knowing the both sides are not the same and no body is the same! Learning to work with what feels good for you and you alone.
  •  It helps clear any emotional or energy blockages you may be holding onto (working at a much deeper level)
  • Yin yoga helps you arrive and be present

So that’s a very VERY basic overview and I don’t think I can ever put it down in words. But I encourage you to try a class… go in with an open mind… ready to be present and just tune in!

I learnt so so much about my body! I learnt that some poses just won’t work for my skeletal structure… and that’s ok! If I can never touch my toes then I’m ok with that! Because at the end of the day yoga isn’t about the poses… it’s about being able to be still, being able to just be with yourself.

So if you find it impossible to sit still or don’t really understand what meditation is or even how to go about incorporating it in your life… Drop me a message or come along to class and I’m here with you- learning and sharing my journey.

If you want me to talk more about meridian lines drop me a comment and I can write some blogs about that too! Would love to hear what you want me to share.

Love Avni x


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