Today is a special day

Thursday 21st June…

May not mean much to many people. Just another day, heading into work… meetings but oh wait it’s sunny! Yes! It’s actually the longest day of sunshine in the year… Over 16 hours. I’m always amazed at how beautifully bright it is when I finish work or even after I’ve had dinner and heading out for an evening stroll. The summer solstice is a pretty spectacular day in its self.

I want to encourage you to go outside and enjoy the sunshine in whichever way possible today. Connect to the energy of the sun… the giver of life. But also connect to the nature around you that’s thriving right now.

Mindful ways to enjoy the summer solstice:

  • Have dinner outside (no phones, no tv… just you and your food)
  • Go for a walk in the woods, park or field… unplug your headphones and listen to the birds and trees
  • Do yoga outside! Yes yes yes! (more on this later)
  • Grab a mat/ towel and just lay on the floor for 2 minutes- feel the earth hold your weight and support you entirely
  • Hug a tree… I know I sound like a hippie but seriously… hug a tree! It’s amazing! Just looking at the size of trees and admiring how much they go through each and every year.


Secondly, today is special as it’s International Yoga Day!

A day created to raise the profile of yoga, encourage peace and kindness around every single one of us. For me yoga is a journey… and so often I get asked how often I practise yoga! To be honest I practise yoga everyday, for me it’s a lifestyle… a way of living… being kind and compassionate. My physical practise is so up and down depending on injuries and just life but that won’t dictate how I relate to yoga and practise yoga in other ways.

Today I’m teaching two classes but I’m encouraging my yogi’s to spread yoga into the wider world. To spread a random act of kindness, to share a moment, give a hug or spend some time with others. Yoga is about creating connections. Forming these connections with yourself and then the people and world around you too. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to do this kind of yoga (or any to be fair!).

So today I’m sending my love and light to all of you reading. Thanking you for following my journey and sharing your love with me too.

Love Avni x



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