Today we start Plastic Free July

Hello lovely people,

Somehow we are over half way through the year… Not sure how that’s happened!! But we can’t complain… we’re blessed with beautiful weather and more awareness! July calls for the start of Plastic Free July. A campaign encouraging people to refuse single use plastic for the month of July.

I’ve written a few blogs previously on how to save money and be environmentally friendly and easy ways to be more eco conscious!

For this blog I wanted to talk about one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced… food shopping!! Things that we eat every week but can’t get without plastic! In our house we eat a fair amount of quinoa, pasta and nuts but it’s been so difficult to find these items which aren’t wrapped in plastic! We’ve been bulk buying or finding pasta in cardboard boxes.


However, we were so happy to see The Refill Pantry open up in St. Albans which is not too far from us! So of course we filled up our empty containers and headed out.

Yep! That’s my excited face

It’s super simple and easy and actually reasonably priced! Just weigh your empty container, fill it up, weigh again then pay! We ended up topping up our stocks for quinoa, pine nuts, orzo and even treated ourselves to some amazing charcoal soap (we only use soap bars in our house!), charcoal string floss (no need for plastic floss anymore!) and refillable shampoo (the bars are great but so good to see refillable liquids).

Selection of our purchases!

Of course this may not seem practical but it took us about 20 minutes as we chatted and shopped and that’s our stock for the month! It’s that simple! If you’re not local to St Albans there are more and more of these popping up across London so keep your eyes peeled.

Here’s a few others I know about:

  • Hetu – Clapham Junction
  • Planet Organic – there’s a few branches across London but I’ve been to the one in Goodge Street
  • Wholefoods – High Street Kensington has refill stations

If you know of any other places please let me know so I can keep the list updated!

Let’s support each other through this month and keep an eye out for more blogs!

Love and Light

Avni x


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