Today we go to Hugletts Cow Sanctuary

Happy Friday everyone!

People so often ask me why I’m vegan and if it’s hard?
My answer is LOVE. Being vegan is a lifestyle not just what you eat (yes finding food is a bit trickier but boy do I eat better now I am vegan!).

Being vegan is about being loving… being kind and compassionate and living your truth. I know deep in my heart that I’m living what I believe in.

Being vegan means seeing all life as equal. If you’ve ever doubted that then go sit in a field with sheep… these animals we don’t usually think twice about but they only have love and kindness to give you.

Ok so technically we didn’t go to Hugletts today but last weekend, but I wanted to share the experience with you all. This was the second time visiting this beautiful place… the first last year for our forth Anniversary (supposedly meant to be celebrated with Leather but we believe it looks better on a cow!)

When we went last year, it poured down with rain all day! But I was so moved by learning about their journey’s, their history and then getting the opportunity to meet them. I was so hit by it all I cried the entire drive home… but I knew I had to go back!

So here we are, a year on… and we went back for one of their open days! We got to reconnect with some of the animals from last year… see their progress and they’re love and kindness just grow! It was so beautiful and so moving!



You’re encouraged to find a spot to sit in and then let the sheep come to you if they want to. Everything is done on their terms and I was amazed when the first one can over to say hi… after 5minutes I was surrounded by 6 sheep and the numbers kept growing.
I can only describe it as a huge hug!
These animals who may not have had the greatest start to their life but still only give out love. These beautiful beings who’ve been hurt but instead forgive and show only love.

You get the opportunity to interact with them and one of them ended up sitting down right next to me as it just wanted to be scratched on the head continuously. I feel like animals have this sense… they’re wiser than we give them credit for! They can sense your energy and know when you need a hug or love or even when you feel scared, they give you space.

After meeting the sheep we went onto meet the lambs, the ones who were found abandoned in the fields with no mother, as well as one lamb who was ill. They’re such beautiful creatures and so soft!

Woodland walk

Behind the Sanctuary there are incredibly beautiful woods which date back hundreds of years. These trees know so much! Walking under the canopy seeing the life growing from the ground up and then getting to hug a 300 year old tree! Trees amaze me as they provide so much life! They give us the air to breathe and they’re always there rain or shine!


Cow walk

We ended the day with the most heart hitting part… the cow walk! Walking out to the field to see these Cows and then letting them interact with you if they want to. She encourages us to leave our human energy behind (our ego, our jealousy) and just meet them with love.

Huglett’s pulls on my heart strings as it’s the one place you can really connect on an energetic level. There’s a certain vibe to the space.


I know some of you reading this and are sceptical but remember what it feels like when you meet someone are you feel like instant best friends, or when you meet someone and just can’t trust them… you’re reading their vibe, their energy! And animals have it too, they’re just so in tune with it!

If you’re still sceptical, get yourself down there! Experience trumps everything!
I count myself lucky to interact with so many beautiful souls (whichever form they come in).

We have a lot to learn from them.

Sending you love and light

Avni x


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