Today we look back at Plastic Free July

Hello lovelies!

So here we are! 31st July… somehow the months just seem to be flying by and I’m not even sure how it’s possible for time to be going so fast.

As you may remember, at the start of July we set ourselves the challenge to live plastic free for the whole month of July… and by that we’re talking about single use plastic. It was no small task and I’m so proud we’ve made it through the month, but it wasn’t easy!

There were a few key changes we had to make! Number 1- how we buy our fruit and veg! Now we’ve been really conscious of this previously but now there were no exceptions. So much so that we haven’t had the chance to eat any fresh local strawberries (as we try to eat what’s in season). This led us onto one of the funnest day outings we’ve had!

Seeing as we weren’t able to buy any Berries that didn’t come wrapped in plastic we went fruit picking ourselves! Not only was it fun but it was a great way to be outside and connect to nature and everything it provides for us! We picked loads of fruit then came home, wash cut and froze it! So now we have a stock of berries ready for smoothies, pancakes or even just to eat on a warm day!

Frozen Raspberries on pancakes
Raspberries, Strawberries and Corn on the Cob!

Challenge number two was also food related! (Well let’s be fair mostly all of the challenges were related to food!) We could no longer buy frozen or ready made food from the supermarkets. I totally count this as a blessing as we got to experiment more and create our own burgers and fries! Now let’s not forget about the bread… if you see the picture below it may look like an artistic choice to go for open loaf but actually we’ve been buying bread from the bakery!

Fresh homemade burgers

We’ve become a lot more conscious and aware of where we can buy our veggies and in turn are supporting local green grocers and bakeries. When speaking to my parents they highlighted to me that this was the way they lived for years! It’s only recently the supermarkets have created a one stop shop!

Supporting your local shops

And finally, the last food hurdle… Lunches! No more Pret sandwiches, no more food on the go! It’s time to get organised. If anything this month has made me wake up early, food prep and plan my meals in advance. I’ve become even more conscious of what I’m eating and able to eat so much better!

(One for the ladies!) Finally managed my first waste free period! It’s been a such a trial and error to find something that works and if you want to know more then drop me a note and I can explain it all in a blog post!

So here it is… Plastic Free July… It’s no walk in the park (well actually it has been a walk through some fields) but it’s taught us so much! I feel like we’ve only touched the surface of sustainable living but we’re passionate to do our bit. If you have any more tips please do let us know as we’re always looking to grow!

So Remember… Every step you take counts! Every change you make counts! Every single piece of plastic you refuse counts!

Love and light

Avni x

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