Today we eat in London

Ahhhh September… back to school… back to indoor catch ups and early dinners.

I haven’t done a blog post yet about my favourite places to eat in London (which is somewhat shocking!). For those of you who have been following my journey you may know that I am vegan but many of you may not know that I also don’t eat onion and garlic.

Being vegan in the city is easy but trying to find places I know I can eat and also eat well is a challenge so I just wanted to share my favourite places with you all…




Hands down my favourite place in London. They have two sites: Bankside and Heddon Street (both super easy locations to get to). You pay for the weight of your food and you can select from their food boat which is clearly labelled! Yes they label onion, garlic, vegan, gluten free, chilly, sugar etc. The food is simple but delicious and fantastic as I can have a bit of everything with no waste or leftovers. Oh and also they have DESSERTS! The best desserts… vegan lemon drizzle cake and Chocolate Molten Lava Cake are a must.





Another great place for vegan and vegetarian food but they also have a separate menu for no onion and garlic. This place is a little more expensive but still affordable and they’re generous with their portion sizes. Kings Cross and Camden now do brunch menu’s too which are beautiful.





If you’re looking for burgers, fries and your little bit of quick vegan food then this place is perfect! It’s in the heart of Brick Lane and is one of the few places I know that does a vegan burger that I can eat.



26 grains.

Situated in the cutest little place in Covent Garden, Neels Yard. This place serves up Porridge all day long. It’s creamy filling and a great place to treat yourself to a fancy porridge. Note: ask them to replace butter with Nut butter.



Ok so maybe not a typical restaurant but they have loads of options for breakfast through to lunch. Loads which I can eat and of course we can’t forget the new amazing (highly addictive) vegan dark chocolate cookie.

However, trying to cut down how much single use plastic I go through means I don’t go to Pret as much anymore… still the cookies are amazing and I can take my own container for them!


Hare and Tortoise.

Sushi! Every vegans best friend (aside from avocado’s). Sushi is a fantastic alternative as it’s usually just 3 or 4 ingredients in the veg. rolls. Just remember to check or ask for it without mayo. Sushi is one our favourite quick meals as we know we can get in and out in under an hour, feel full but not overly sick!


Sweet treats



Crosstown doughnuts.

If you haven’t heard of Crosstown’s by now then I’m not sure we can be friends. Their doughnuts are made from sourdough and they have a huge selection of vegan options. They’re fairly big and will cost a few pounds but definitely great for a treat.



Amorino Ice Cream.

Chocolate Sorbet. That’s all I need to say.



Cupcakes and shht.

Not the easiest place to get to (Elephant and Castle) but a great tiny cafe for the most indulgent treats, pancakes and even sugar free delights.



Osu Coconuts.

For Pancakes closer to home… check out Osu Coconuts stand in Camden Market. Vegan Gluten Free Coconut based Pancakes with sweet and savoury options. (Note: Bring own tupperware and cutlery but they do have paper plates and wooden forks)



Keke loves cake.

I’m not sure what kind of list this would be if it didn’t include my incredible friend Kerran! She’s a chef at Fields Beneath in Kentish Town but also runs her own cake and treat company. Her cakes are the best vegan cakes I’ve ever had… hands down!


Outside London


So I know this blog post was meant to be just about places in London but I can’t help but mention Brighton! It’s literally vegan heaven! There’s so many places there and I haven’t even touched the tip of it yet but my favourite place for the past few years is Happy Maki.

Amazing vegan sushi rolls! And not just that… they’re a green, sustainable energy place that also plant trees and provide meals for a hungry children. Literally I cry all the happy tears. Drop in to show them your love or keep an eye out for them at festivals too.


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