Today we explain different yoga styles

Hello lovelies,

So there’s usually a lot of confusion over which style of yoga people should practise… to be honest, move in any way that feels good for you but if the lingo confuses you then read on…


Ashtanga Yoga

A set sequence that we practise every week. First brought to the western world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This style of yoga focuses on synchronising breath and movement, repeating sequences to create energy and heat within the body.

I love teaching the primary series as it’s a great place for beginners to start. We practise the same sequence every week so you’re able to understand each posture, the alignment and reasons behind them. Repeating them every week increases your confidence as well as build up strength.

To practise with me click here: Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B

Vinyasa Yoga

The most popular style of yoga practised in the western world. This style of yoga is more free flowing and each session has a different focus; e.g. hips and hamstrings, chakras, heart opening. The sessions start with warm ups building up to a peak pose and built to be different each week to create a well rounded practise. It’s a great way to learn new things each and every week!

Hip focussed vinyasa and Leg strengthening vinyasa.

Yin Yoga

Complimenting the faster styles of yoga listed above. Yin Yoga is the slower gentler part of the practise to go along with the ‘yang’ styles. Poses are held for a longer time and with each breath your body creates more space and more openness. A perfect combination of slower yoga and meditation! Each session works on different energy channels and helps unblock anything you may be holding onto whilst releasing some of the tension. Poses are held for up to 5 minutes and can be the true test of being present in the moment.

Back releasing yin yoga flow.

Children’s Yoga

Ok so Children’s Yoga is nothing like the three classes above! These classes involve playing a lot of games. Yes there is yoga, balancing and breath work but usually delivered through stories, music and working together.

Children’s yoga is a great way to build concentration and focus but also provide a space for children’s to explore their emotions and connect with their breath. The results are amazing and oh so fun!

Dance for the Sun – Kira Willey

Family Yoga

The best of both worlds! All the fun and games of a Children’s yoga class but will some sequencing and partner work. These classes focus on strengthening the family bonds with postures you can do together as well as creating a human connection between everyone. Taking time out away from technology to play and just be present- there’s something for everyone!



Coming onto the less physical side of yoga but in my eyes the more important side- the mental benefits of yoga. Mindfulness is a word that’s present everywhere at the moment and essentially it means being present and aware of yourself in the present moment. So often we live such a fast past life that our mind will be thinking about to-do lists or worrying whilst we are walking, washing dishes etc. Because of this we live in a constant state of stress so mindfulness is a way for us to step back and just be present to our body in the current moment.


By far the most powerful side of yoga! The reason we practise physical yoga is so that we are able to sit still and meditate! But that’s not saying that meditation needs to be done sitting cross legged in the woods. Meditation can be done anywhere! It’s not about stopping your thoughts or ‘not thinking’, it’s about being aware of where your mind wanders to and then bringing your focus back to your breath.


If any of these styles sound interesting and you want to try them out then please drop me a message!



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